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Property Management – Our Services

We offer a comprehensive range of property management services.

Property Management – Our Services

For clients who require management of a block of flats, our general services consist of the following:

  • The delivery and service of ground rent demands to lessees and accounting for same to the Freeholder Management Company/Leaseholders.
  • The submission of demands for service charges due from the lessees at appropriate intervals in accordance with the terms of the Lease, including securing payment from lessees and ensuring, as far as possible, that accounts are paid up to date.
  • Dealing with all outgoings from the service charge account in respect of day-to-day maintenance and making payments of authorised and appropriate bills.
  • Administering the buildings insurance and other insurances where these are necessary, including public liability for staff and buildings and contents insurance. Adelaide Jones are included in the DPB Register maintained by the FSA to carry out Insurance Mediation Activities.
  • Engaging and supervising staff such as cleaners, gardeners etc, and payment of their wages and dealing with all VAT and National Insurance matters with the Inland Revenue.
  • The arrangement and supervision of maintenance contracts in relation to entry phones, lifts, cleaning, gardening, aerials, fire extinguishers, drain clearance and any other on-going contracts as required by the lessees.
  • Inspecting the properties at regular intervals to check on maintenance repairs as required and also the supervision of staff in their duties and dealing with day-to-day repairs.
  • Dealing with all routine management enquiries received from tenants/residents and/or their solicitors with regard to sub-letting, new tenancies or sale of leasehold interests.
  • Keeping all records regarding details of tenancies and other matters relating to the property, including details of payments made and received, agreements entered into and any changes in tenancies.
  • Preparation of annual service charge accounts, liaising with the company’s accountants for the audit of these accounts and the preparation of the accounts for the company.
  • Submission to the lessees of a summary of accounts for income and expenditure in accordance with the terms of the Lease, showing details of any under or over expenditure against the budgeted amount and the debits or credits for each tenant.
  • Preparation of the budget for the proposed service charge year in consultation with the Directors and/or the lessees.
  • Liaising with the residents and discussions with same, attending meetings as and when required, including periodic management committee meetings and the Annual General Meeting.
  • Setting up and administering designated clients’ accounts in accordance with ARMA and RICS rules and regulations.

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